Keeping Official Game Time for Home Games Only -Arrive 30 minutes prior to game -Turn on and clear clock and scoreboard -Approx. 25 minutes prior to game start clock for 20 minute warm up. -Start warm up music provided by home team -After warm up time expires, reset clock for designated time of game. Regular season games 40 minutes. -Clock starts upon Officials whistle and first touch of ball @ start of game -Watch game closely for stoppage. Clock stops when goal is scored or when official signals for stoppage, by raising one arm over his/her head and grasping the wrist with opposite hand. -Restart clock on officials signal -Set clock for 10 minutes at halftime and start. -After 10 minute halftime has expired, reset clock for designated time for second half of game. Again stopping when goals are scored or official signals for stoppage. -If you don’t start clock or post goals friendly spectators will remind you. -On expiration of regulation time, if there is a winner, clear clock and turn off scoreboard after approximately 5 minutes. If game is tied after regulation time, there are 2-10 minute golden goal overtime periods. If still tied, game will end in tie or there will be a shoot out ( e.g. play offs, tournament games, etc.).

Game on 06/04/15 @ 7:00 PM