Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing Overview

We want our users to be motivated to use our site, and to be rewarded for being active participants in the experience. There are a couple ways that being an active participant in Wisletics can earn you money. While we do our very best to provide you with up to date and thorough information, we also need users to provide quality content to make Wisletics the best website it can be. We have enacted a profit sharing program for both Multimedia and Articles, and are always looking for more ways to reward our members. Read more about each of our profit sharing initiatives below. You must be a member to be a part of our 'Profit Share' program, so sign up today, or if you're already a member make sure you enroll in the 'Profit Share' program.


Parents and fans love to take pictures. Shouldn't they be rewarded for this? Uploading your pictures could earn you money! Here's how it works. Every picture you upload to Wisletics is viewable by all of our site users. We make these pictures available to purchase, either individually, or as part of some print or digital packages. If you picture is purchased, you earn 10% of the profit from your photos!


We want engaging and well written articles about players, coaches, games, and anything else related to high school sports. Other people want that, too! Sometimes other media companies, such as newspapers or blogs don't have the time, or the resources to follow every school, every sport, and every game. That's where you come in! Any article you write is viewable for free on the Wisletics website. If someone finds your article, and likes it, they can pay to embed it in their website or run it in their newspaper. You, as the author, are entitled to 10% of the profit realized from this. Sounds easy, doesn't it? So next time your watching your friend win a tennis match, or cheering you son on at his soccer game, give a thought to writing an article and posting it to Wisletics.

Getting Paid

As stated above, our goal is to provide you with many methods of providing quality content and earning money for your contributions. We also aim to maximize the percentage we are able to give back to you. In order to help keep our costs low, and your profits high, we will pay out monies earned once a year. This will be on the 1st of July, and will encompass all earnings from the previous year. If, in the future we are able to increase the frequency at which we pay out, while keeping our costs down, and your return up, we will consider that option. If you have any questions regarding the 'Profit Share' program, please contact us.