Multimedia Overview

The old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" is pretty accurate when it comes to high school sports. A picture of your son hitting the last second three-pointer to win the basketball game, or your daughter crushing a fifth set spike in her volleyball match are much more meaningful than any words describing it. Pictures and videos are an everlasting record of that special moment in a high school sports career. That's why Wisletics puts the highest priority on multimedia. Many other sites require you to create an account to upload or even view photos, which seems ridiculous to us! Sometimes you're just looking for a simple way to share pictures and videos with other parents and fans. On Wisletics we keep it simple. Go to any team, school, player, or coach page, and view any and all multimedia.


Let's be honest. Parents like to take A LOT of pictures. Wisletics wants to make sure you can share all of these pictures! We make it simple to upload any number of pictures, quickly and easily. It's also simple to view them and organize them with 'tags'. Whenever you upload a picture you can tag it by team, school, game, and other identifiers. This makes finding pictures to view a snap. And if you're the type of person who likes to hold something physical in your hands, and add photos to an album, we make purchasing any picture you find on Wisletics easy and secure. Adding these pictures also helps provide our other services with lots of content. You can check out the 'End of the Year Booklets' and 'End of the Year Slideshows' in the store. As mentioned above, you don't need an account to upload pictures, but make sure you do create an account, and login if you would like to take advantage of our Profit Sharing program.


Not only are cameras getting less expensive and higher quality, so are video cameras. This means anyone can shoot and record high definition video. What better place to put this technology to use than capturing your child's high school sporting event. Utilizing the resources of Youtube, Wisletics makes uploading and viewing your videos as easy as possible. Need to watch the film from last year's homecoming football game against your cross-town rivals to help prepare for this year's game? Or do you want to relive your amazing come from behind victory in the baseball state final? Sharing videos on Wisletics will help make sure no moment ever goes forgotten. Wisletics also makes DVDs available if you would like to have your own copy of your amazing season.