Following Overview

There are a lot of high schools, and while we want information about all of them to be easily available to you, we also want you to be able to find your favorites quickly and easily. That's why we created "Follows". These are easy ways to make sure the information that is most important to you is available as fast as possible. When browsing the site, and viewing teams, schools, players, and games, you will see buttons to add these groups to your lists. One simple click is all it takes!


Make sure you never miss an update from your favorite teams! Get up to date information and easy access to each team that's most important to you. Following a team is simple, and the best way to make sure you never miss a touchdown, homerun, or a 3-pointer.


Following a person can be a great tool for many people. Parents can follow their child and automatically get alerts for every team they're on for their high school career. Classmates can follow their friends, so they'll always know what time they should show up to games to cheer them on. College recruiters can easily keep tabs on potential recruits with updates sent directly to them.


Is there a game you're really interested in? Perhaps you're in the state tournament, and you want to keep an eye on how the other side of the bracket is doing. Simply search for those games, and follow them to stay up to date on their results. Is there a game between two other teams that determines if you win your conference for the season? Simply follow that game and know right away.


If you're a parent you want to be able to access your school's page quickly. Simply follow your school! If you're a coach maybe you want to stay up to date on all the schools in your conference. That's easy, too! There is no limit to the number of schools you can follow, and you can add and remove them as needed.