Parent involvement is a crucial part of high school sports. Programs would not run as smoothly as they do without the help of individual parents or a booster club. Wisletics helps make the organization of parent involvement easy, and simplifies many tasks that can be time consuming and difficult. Read more about the great features we offer below.


Volunteers are an integral part to any high school sports team. Keeping things organized and making sure people know where they need to be and when can be a hassle. Wisletics provides a simple interface to list needed positions, and allows people to sign up for spots. This means the information is located on a site you're already using, and it's always easy to look up. Wisletics can also send reminders to volunteers to make sure they don't forget about a position they have signed up for.

Booklets and Slideshows

Booklets and slideshows can be a great way to commemorate the end of a great season. The problem is, somebody has to spend a good amount of time compiling statistics, and collecting pictures, and then organizing all of this into something that looks good enough to distribute to players and parents. Wouldn't it be great if someone could do this for you? Wisletics can! We have your rosters, schedules, results, and pictures all stored away for this exact reason. We offer guided steps that make it fast and easy to create memorabilia to remember your season.