Wisletics was built by a coach, for coaches. As a coach, you have many responsibilities, which can sometimes become overwhelming. These responsibilities can get in the way of the thing we truly enjoy doing, which is passing on knowledge in a sport we love. Wisletics was built to help coaches by helping to reduce the difficulty of certain responsibilities by either through things like delegation and automation. Our #1 commitment truly is to the high school coach, and we would love if you contacted us with any and all suggestions you have for our site. The categories below represent many of the services we provide you with, and we invite you to read more about them, and how Wisletics makes your job as a coach easier.

Games and Practices

Games and practices are the basic building blocks of any high school sports season. Keeping an up to date and easy to access schedule means your players are going to arrive at games on time, and parents will never waste your time asking when the bus leaves for an away game. Integration with Google Calendar allows parents, players, and fans one click addition to their own calendars. Having an up to date schedule also allows Wisletics to automatically provide you with some great tools, including game sheets and reminders to record results. Wisletics is also great for alerting people to schedule changes. Say a thunderstorm will be rolling in at the start of practice, and you decide to cancel for the day. Simply cancel the practice in your Wisletics administration page, and choose to send alerts to players and followers. Simple and quick to make sure everyone stays on the same page.


Rosters are the basic building block of any high school sports team. They include players, a coaching staff, and managers. Wisletics allows you to easily manage each of these groups. When creating players, you can also add extra information like positions, numbers, captain status, and a picture. Complete this simple step once at the beginning of your season, and don't worry about it again for the whole year.


No program would be able to exist without parents who generously volunteer their time for thing like score keeping, announcing, working the concession stand, or any of the many other tasks necessary to operate. Wisletics makes it easy to manage volunteers. Coaches or parents can setup positions, whether they are general positions or game specific positions. Signing up to volunteer is easy and only requires a name and an email address. Wisletics can also send reminders to volunteers to make sure they remember when it's their turn to work.

Statistics and End of Season

Often times season pass by quicker than you could have imagined. When it's over the months seem like days. All of a sudden the season is over and it's time to compile stats for your end of the season booklet, and create a slideshow for your end of the season banquet. But what was the final score of the third game we played this year? And who hit that buzzer beater against our cross town rivals? With Wisletics all those statistics can be tracked for you! After every game, Wisletics will email you reminding you to enter scores and stats for the game. As long as you keep up each game, at the end of the season compiling the information will be a breeze! Simply find your "Summary Sheet", and everything is there. Wisletics also has some great services for purchase, including a simplified and quick way to automatically create a professional end of season booklet and slideshow.