Position Volunteer
Game Announcer Trent Ejzak - trent.ejzak@springswindowfashions.com
Time Keeping Trent Ejzak - trent.ejzak@springswindowfashions.com
Ticket Booth Ticket Takers Peter King - pmking1@charter.net
Ticket Booth Ticket Takers Debra King - pmking1@charter.net
Concessions Mary Jo Bell - mbell3333@yahoo.com
Concessions Rick Hayney - rickhayknee@yahoo.com
Concessions Kit Price - Kit24esp7@hotmail.com
Concessions Dave Statz - dfstatz@gmail.com
WIAA Scorer Duane Nolden - denisenolden@gmail.com
SCOTCHEROOS or BROWNIES/concession stand Lori Thornton - thornlk11@gmail.com
PUPPY CHOW/concession stand Deana Turner - deana@sheridanturner.com
RICE KRISPIE TREATS OR ITEM OF YOUR CHOICE/concession stand Debra And Peter King - pmking1@charter.net
Ball Chasers U10 Girls & U11 Boys Michelle Blang - blangmichelle@gmail.com