Useful features and relevant content are great, unless you're unable to find them. Having an intuitive navigation and a powerful search are how you find what you're looking for. Navigation updates are still in the works, but today we've pushed out some huge changes to our site search. These improvements come on two fronts.

First, we updated the data we index behind the scenes. This includes indexing more data, and better data. This will deliver more relevant results to you.

Second, we improved the display of the search results. It is better formatted, making it easier to digest the information. It also displays more information about each result, and links directly to related content.

We made a big push a couple months ago to make the site more mobile and tablet friendly, and those responsive updates are also included on our search page now.

Wisletics wants to deliver you the most up to date and relevant information, and today's updates will help do just that. We think you'll like it, and as always, thanks for reading!