Navigation of Wisletics on a mobile device has always been limited. While the basics were there, it has been almost impossible to navigate to the pages you need as an administrator, coach, and player. During the last couple months, we have made a large push to make the site display nicely on all devices, and today we are pushing out improved mobile navigation!

With navigation, we are always trying to get you the page you want as quickly as possible. With tablets and desktops this is relatively easy, because we have a large amount of screen space to work with. Wisletics uses a dropdown menu in the header, and popup menus so everything is only one click away.

With mobile, we do our best with the limited screen space. When logged in, if you have either coach, player, or administrator roles, you will now see links to dedicated menu pages in your mobile menu. Your most recent assignment will be at the top, and past ones below.

This is a long overdue enhancement. We're happy to be bringing it to you, and as users of the software ourselves, excited to have it as well! These enhancements are a great first step for better mobile navigation, and, as always, we will continue to look for more improvements.