Drilling down to a more specific page on Wisletics has always been easy. From a school page, it is easy to select the program, and then the season, and finally the team you are looking for. From the team page, you can even navigate further to the coach and player pages. Navigating the other direction, however, has been difficult. Most users relied on their browser's back button. This worked okay, but could require a lot of extra clicks and unnecessary page loads.

Today we are introducing Breadcrumbs! They provide a simple, intuitive interface for you to find the exact content you need on Wisletics. They are informative, but also unobtrusive. You will find them on the Program, Season, Team, Coach, and Player pages. Breadcrumbs give you a better idea of where you are on the site, and allow you to quickly navigate to the exact page you are looking for. They look and work great on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

We think you will love this new enhancement, and we will continue to work on more ways to improve navigation so you can find the exact content you are looking for on Wisletics!