While a majority of our traffic still comes from the desktop, we believe it is important to deliver a great user experience on mobile and tablet devices as well. That's why this weekend we dedicated a significant amount of time to optimizing Wisletics for those users.

Previously, the sizing of elements was not appropriate for certain screen sizes, we were overly verbose with buttons when a simple icon would suffice (and save space), and none of our tables were responsive. The tables were perhaps one of the ugliest things to look at on smaller devices, and even made the site unusable on certain pages. Making the tables responsive was also one of the easiest fixes to implement, again thanks to the awesome capabilities of the Bootstrap Framework.

For iPad users in the portrait orientation we made a simple, and very welcome change. Previously, there had been a column on the right that was used to display advertisements. While we do like delivering relevant ads to our users, we felt that we were wasting valuable space, and providing an unattractive user experience in this situation. We have since removed the right column, giving iPad portrait users a full width experience. In our opinion it looks much better, and we think you'll like it to!

There was also a heavy emphasis on making the School, Program, Season, and Team page headers look better. This included extensive improvements to the mobile stylings, better consistency, and a greatly improved (and well overdue) Follow button.

This is a brief overview of the updates, and there are many other minor visual improvements that will improve your time on Wisletics. We hope you like them! And, as always, if there's something you find that you think could use improvement, please feel free to drop us a line!